Viborg Regional Hospital expands and rebuilds for more than one billion DKK.

In 2020, the citizens of the municipalities of Viborg, Silkeborg and Skive will have a future-proof emergency hospital in the city of Viborg.

The emergency hospital in Viborg will provide efficient surroundings for patient treatment – planned as well as emergency procedures.

The new hospital is designed with a focus on co-operation in order to provide the patients with fastest and best possible treatment.

The building amounts to a total of DKK 1,164 billion and is financed by the Government's Quality Fund (60 pct.) and the Central Denmark Region (40 pct.).

The building project consists of:

  • New Emergency Department, new Respiratory Medicine and Cardiology Wards and a new Paediatrics Clinic (completed).
  • New Department of Histopathology (completed).
  • New multi story car park (completed).
  • Renewed center for spinal cord injury (completed).
  • New fully fledged emergency center (will be completed by 2019).
  • Reconstruction of the hospital’s main building and treatment building (will be completed by 2020).